The Background

I'll cut to the chase: subsides don't work

I’ll tell you why.

A large proportion of employment placements assisted by subsidies or incentives dry up as soon as the discounting ends. As well, more often than not, employment service staff lead their job seeking with the line, ‘You’re a good person; you run a fine business; how’d you like to do something for charity? Employ this person with a disability and we’ll even pay you to do it.’ There are a few things wrong with this approach:

I illustrate the awful effects of poor expectations in my book The Ten Demandments – how to improve employment services for people with disability.

Despite subsidies being largely ineffective, the status quo clings to them like a rat to a sinking ship. Want to be a part of the force that advocates employment for people with disability based on merit? Get in contact.

Meet Harry

With determination and high expectations, this young man now has a job he enjoys and is starting to live independently. We don’t need subsidies to enable open employment of people with disability.