For-profit providers. Ineffective subsidies. Mutual obligation. Contract gaming.

What’s the Disability Employment Services sector coming to?

It doesn’t seem to be designed for inclusion of people with significant disability. In fact, I’d go so far as saying that ‘exclusion’ is the aim. Why do I think this?

What you look for is what you see.

This is why I created the Focus On Ability Short Film Festival.

In our first year, 2009, we received 12 entries from NSW-based high shools. They shared $5000 in prizes.

In Australia’s disability employment services system, currently the obligation is on job seekers to look for work. At face value this seems OK.

But you’d think, ipso facto, that government would then take on at least some responsibility for providing said work. This is not the case. Rather, employment figures for workers within government are either stubbornly low or even falling.