It is my privilege to have been involved in supporting people who have a disability into employment. Into ‘real work’: jobs in a regular setting like folk who don’t have a disability, with the same rights and responsibilities, the same working conditions, the same pay or at least pay that has been fairly and independently assessed.

And you know what else?

The same right to be appraised for performance and maybe even lose the odd job or two if they don’t meet their performance targets.

So, why employment first?

Not sure about the Budget pluses and minuses so can't comment. But these things, specific to disability employment, are pretty good:

$2.2 million investment from 1 July 2015 over four years to allow young people with disability to receive up to six months of Disability Employment Services (DES) support while participating concurrently in State and Territory post-school employment or transition to work programs, giving them the extra support they need to get into the workforce.