Create opportunities for cross-functional interaction among the team

The critical factor for long-term integration in the workplace is social integration. We’re aiming to avoid going into the lunchroom one day and finding your new recruit all on their own. Step 3 is part of incorporating inclusion principles across all of the business.

Social inclusion is vital, because research tells us that people are more likely to stay in work when they are supported by their community, which includes family, friends, clubs, neighbours and within the workplace.

Social inclusion is a strategy, not a happy accident.

Incorporate inclusion principles across all of the business

So you’ve completed step 1: made and documented your plan for workplace inclusion. Now it’s time to incorporate inclusion principles across all of the business.

A united approach is vital. If the business attempts inclusion in one department but not others, you can expect unrest.

I’ve heard renewed calls for the introduction of quotas recently, both in state governments and the arts.

Quotas are discriminatory, paternalistic and humiliating. I could possibly live with all of this, but, worse, just like subsidies, they don’t work!