We know that choice is only choice when you understand your options.

To understand our options and therefore make informed decisions, we need access to accurate, timely and meaningful information. In the disability employment sector, governments collect the data, but wecanwork.com.au interprets it into manageable chunks.

For example, do you want to know which NSW-based Transition program finds the most jobs for young workers? Go here.  

I’m convinced that the average Australian would be amazed by the many successful work placements we have facilitated over the years. Sometimes we’re even amazed ourselves! And humbled. And inspired. We have a wealth of case study examples and the Federal Government’s own statistics also show that NOVA places many more people with disability into work than any other provider.

But there is nothing amazing or magical about NOVA Employment’s consistently outstanding data. We just stick a disability employment model that works.

What works?

I can no longer sit and watch the NDIS turning into a debacle.  At least this is the case in terms of supporting young adults with significant disability to transition from school to work.

The enormous amount of money was always going to attract new players onto the market. (That’s a good thing: fresh ideas, competition, new energy, etc.) However, it was also obvious that the same money would bring profiteers, and the well intentioned, but inexperienced or incompetent. Following the inconsistent planning process, we see completely inept and incompetent service delivery waste the widely varying funds available.

And so it goes. I am told Catholic schools are not to refer students to disability employment services, because the money can be used by new faith-based vocational preparation programs.