To create a truly inclusive workforce, we need to step quickly beyond hillock of compliance through the valley of diversity into the land of inclusion.

Like compliance, diversity is easy. It’s all about numbers. As long as you hit your ‘diversity’ targets – three people of colour here, 48% women there, a few people in wheelchairs and a nod to the GLBTIQ community – you’ve got it covered. But inclusion – true inclusion – is not so easy.

It’s not often that I go to Australian Mining for either news or inspiration. But an article appearing in Link’s weekly digest caught my eye with the headline: Mining companies target employees with a disability to increase diversity, Hays (9/10/17).

Transitions. They’re important, as are the rituals and celebrations around them.Without acknowledgement of effort leading to success, we might lope along from one thing to the next, not ever yelling, ‘Hurrah!’ at the top of our lungs!