Malingerers and their hip pockets

I’m sick of conservatives in power basing their treatment of job seekers at least in part on the idea that ‘these people are malingerers’.

Surely this is the reason for the latest contract providing more of a stick than a carrot with demerit points lost for ‘misdemeanours’, such as missing appointments.

Have they ever asked themselves, seriously, how they would go if they found themselves in the position of being largely ignored during their formal education, dealing with pervasive, debilitating ill health or disability and consistently shut out from the opportunities afforded the able bodied?

They can’t have. If they had, they would appreciate that, just as it does for their fine, upstanding selves, reward always trumps punishment.

Do they truly believe that they are so much more morally sound, brighter, smarter, fitter, than others as to be more deserving of the benefits of living a full life? Is this how decision makers justify the soft bigotry of low expectation endemic in our systems, structures and decisions.

Being on the pension is not some soft option for avoiding responsibility. It’s a highly skilled role that requires decent business acumen. I understand business and have a good head for finance, which is why I know I couldn’t do it.

 - Martin Wren