A disability employment model that works

I’m convinced that the average Australian would be amazed by the many successful work placements we have facilitated over the years. Sometimes we’re even amazed ourselves! And humbled. And inspired. We have a wealth of case study examples and the Federal Government’s own statistics also show that NOVA places many more people with disability into work than any other provider.

But there is nothing amazing or magical about NOVA Employment’s consistently outstanding data. We just stick a disability employment model that works.

What works?

We seek a four-way win: for jobseekers, for employers, for government funding bodies and for the disability employment service. I must emphasise here that we do not seek profits. However, we have healthy financial returns that we put back into promoting disability employment, which is a vital part of the strategy.

The strategy is based on solid belief that a job seeker’s aspiration and ability matched with opportunity in the local job market equals success. In a nutshell, this means we:

It's that simple!* The NOVA Employment model is a roadmap to success for the disability employment sector.

People with disability are better off, their families are better off, the economy is better off and society overall is better off when those people with disability willing and able to work are given this choice. Do we have any right to deny them?

- Martin Wren

* For the less simple version, please grab a copy of my book The Ten Demandments!