People with disability can't work

‘People with disability can’t work.’ Not true.

‘People with disability don’t want to work.’ Not true.

‘People with disability should be protected in sheltered workshops.’ Not true!

Where do these ridiculous notions come from?

Unfortunately, they come from within the disability services industry, as well as without.

In my thirty years of experience finding award-wage jobs for people with disability, I have encountered very few people who fit the myth of being unable or unwilling to work.

People with disability want to work. People with disability can work. At NOVA Employment, five more people started work today. In 2016 more than 1000 people with disability were placed into open employment by my staff.

What we need to do is get out of their way. That’s each and every one of us – individuals and government, employers and parents, carers and your regular person on the street. Disability service providers, in particular, need to life their game.

Time and again, NOVA Employment has taken up where the other DES have failed to:

1.     Identify the skills, experience and interests of people with a disability

2.     Turn these into achievable goals

3.     Source roles that suit

4.     Convince employers to trial the person for a period of time

5.     Provide ongoing, timeless post-placement support.

It’s a simple formula that works!

People with disability deserve to shift from often being seen as objects of pity to active, integrated peers.

- Martin Wren