About Martin Wren

Martin Wren has worked in the disability employment service (DES) for 28 years. He started by training in pre-vocational courses for students with disability. 

Well known for speaking out on the rights of people with disability to find and sustain employment in award-wage jobs that they enjoy, Martin is something of a maverick in the DES field, as he battles from within to change the status quo. He knows the secret to ensuring there are jobs for each person with a disability willing and able to work. 

It's matching the individual's aspirations and abilities to available jobs in the community.

To do this, disability employment services need to:

  • Get to know the job seeker's skills, interests and capacity
  • Provide specific and effective training to help them become job ready
  • Find a suitable job 
  • Support the person in that job for as long as they need it, through changes in role, management, staffing, and personal health.

Unfortunately, this effective approach towards long-term employment is not widely practiced across the industry. Currently, DES staff are encouraged to place their job seekers into any old role just to 'get them off the books'.

Martin speaks regularly locally, nationally and internationally on the right of every person to 'become a taxpayer'. 

Over the years he has been humbled by the many men and women he sees striving to achieve taxpayer status, and is proud to have placed over 15,000 job seekers with disability into work. Not singlehandedly, mind you! As CEO of NOVA Employment, he has been ably assisted by many talented outlet managers, employment consultants, support workers and job coaches.

The Ten Demandments is his first book.



I've created a free, downloadable guide called: ‘The job seekers’ guide to finding a great employment service’. This guide provides job seekers with a set of ten questions to ask their current or prospective employment service to ascertain if they are likely to find them an award-wage job that suits their skills and interests. To access the free guide, please click here.